The Wiggles


Hi Y’all!

Dr. Ashley here again. I know it has been awhile but what can I say, Mom life! It’s a new year and so far 2019 has been kicking me in the pants! However, I’m determined to make it the best year yet. January has been my busiest month in practice so far and I’m so excited to be helping more families!

Today I’m going to be talking about toddlers and the wiggles. No, I don’t mean that weird show from the 2000s with those uber catchy songs. The wiggles I’m talking about occur when I see younger children, most notably toddlers for chiropractic care. Once parents have made the decision to have me evaluate their child for subluxation, most parents are still feeling slightly nervous. Even though I make sure to answer all questions and put their concerns at ease, it’s natural for parents to be wary when trying something new when it involves their children.

I wanted to write about a typical experience for a toddler during an adjustment to give parents an idea of what to expect and to also help put “fear of the unknown” to rest.

I see kiddos of all ages. The newborns usually sleep through their adjustments and babies are usually occupied via a pacier or are snuggled up to mom when I evaluate them. When they hit about 18 months though, all bets are off! They get “THE WIGGLES!” They want to walk, they want to roll, they want to sit on my lap, they want to play on the floor. I bring my adjusting table to my house calls but this is the age where the table gets used the least! I bring my pregnancy pillows that they usually find pretty comfy and sometimes there are tears when I need to take the pillows when I leave!

Battles are fought everyday with toddlers but getting them to get adjusted doesn’t need to be one of them. So I try and meet them on their level, literally. We usually incorporate toys, we pretend we are super heroes flying on to Dr. Ashley’s table, or we lay on the floor and play cars and baby dolls. My palpation skills have been honed very well over the years. I know what I’m looking for when I check their spines and know how to be thorough yet speedy! I give hugs while checking their mid backs and necks. I have them sing songs while I check their jaw movement. I do whatever I can in order to make sure they are comfortable and are OK with me checking them out. Sometimes it takes a little back and forth. Sometimes we have to take breaks, but I never push a child that does not want to checked. However, most of the time a toddler figures out quickly that getting checked and getting adjusted is not scary and is actually quite relaxing. I have moms with rambunctious 2 year olds who will lay completely still and quiet while mom asks what magic I’m doing to get them to relax. No magic! Adjustments may stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for things like rest, sleep and digestion. I’ve had kids that took two hour naps after an adjustment followed by 3 BMs! haha!

Children are very intuitive and really love getting adjusted. Many times their first visit will include some apprehension or some hesitancy but when I return for the follow up, guess who’s jumping onto my table before I even get it set up? That’s right, the silly toddler who says “Dr. Ashhheee” and “Justed”. They LOVE it. They also begin to love how a healthy spine and nervous system begins to affect them. We all want more of what makes us feel better!

The wiggles are a part of being a toddler so it’s important to find a practitioner who has experience with children and will work with them. They tend to be their most comfortable in their own environment which is why I love doing house calls! They love my home office as well since it also doesn’t give off the “doctor’s office” vibe. I provide the most relaxing and welcoming place for your kiddos to get the care that they need.

So rest assured mama, your little one is in good and very well trained hands. I am happy to discuss the process with your more and am always talking during an evaluation, explaining my findings and discussing the techniques with you. I am a mom myself so I know how precious your children are and I try and treat my families with the level of care I expect for my own family.

If you have been thinking of getting your kiddo checked or know someone who would benefit, please direct them to me! There are more answers to your questions ( like why should my kid see a chiropractor?) under the FAQs section of my website.

Happy New Year everyone, let’s rock 2019!

Yours in Love and Health,

Dr. Ashley Cornelius D.C.