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Three Sisters


Hello All!

Dr. Ashley here, for one of my first blog posts! I have been busy growing my fledgling house call practice and it has been SO MUCH FUN! I feel like I am working harder than I ever have in practice but I also feel like I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. I am spending more time with patients and more time with my children and family. You know how the saying goes, “Quality over Quantity”, well that is exactly how practice is going right now. Generally a house call practice is more low volume, but maximized on time spent per patient. I feel so relaxed and comfortable helping my patients in their homes and feel those I have helped feel that same level of warmth. I am focused on organic growth and am working my hardest to try and show my community the benefits of chiropractic and how house calls are how they can reach their goals in the chaotic, busy & tired times we live in.

This month I have found myself in two separate house call situations where I am helping care for a set of Three sisters. Each of these cases is different as one set are baby boomers and the other set are all under 3 years old. It really is the alpha and omega as far as patient types go. To see how the bond of sisterhood has helped shaped the lives of the older ones and how their experiences and life choices have shaped their health and spines. They each require such different treatments and techniques despite being of similar genetics when it comes to hereditary degenerative changes. They love how they each get such a different experience from the same set of hands and feel equally treated but uniquely cared for. The other set includes a weeks old infant and two toddlers. Each of them has struggled with oral ties, but each had different types and different symptoms that manifested because of it. Different pregnancies, different births, different latches with breastfeeding. One of the only things they had in common is their rock star of a mom who has done so much and gotten help from a tribe of experts to make sure her girls have the best and can thrive. I love treating these families together under one roof and this is largely why I wanted to do house calls. I don’t see my own sister as often as I used to ( she’s in grad school now) but I adjust her every time I see her. I love taking care of sisters and I want to help as many as I possibly can.

If you have one sister, seven or just have a soul sister here is how you can help her:

  • See if your sister thinks headaches or back pain are normal. ( I bet she refers to her headaches as “her usual”) Tell her that her suffering is common, NOT normal and that she can do something about it. Chiropractic may not be the only answer but Dr. Ashley will do all she can to help.

  • Ask her if she is tired of living in pain. She will says yes, but she’s too busy to do anything about it as she barely has time to shower. Tell her I do house calls and share my info. Time is often our most precious commodity. I save you time in spades!

  • Tell her that her pregnancy can be more comfortable and that she doesn’t have to suffer another sleepless night or fear walking due to pain. I’m Webster certified which means I know how to take care of a pregnant women’s body and utilize chiropractic to help the body adapt to the changes more readily. I also had two 9 pounders so yea, I know the power of chiropractic during pregnancy.

  • If you’re a new Auntie, watch some birth videos. See what she went through if you don’t already know. Offer to cook her some food, watch her baby while she takes a bath and for heaven’s sake get her baby’s neck checked for subluxation cuz wow, those birth videos!

  • If you’re under chiropractic care, take your sister with you to your next appointment. If she doesn’t live near you, give her my info and tell her I do free phone consultations. Even if your sister isn’t in my practice area, I still want to help! If you’re not seeing me, than you should be seeing somebody, because every BODY and every SISTER deserves chiropractic care. :)

Thanks for reading this far! I am hoping to keep you all updated at least once a month! I’m a mom too so we will see how it goes. Take care of your spine and take care of each other!

Yours in Health and Love,

Dr. Ashley Cornelius D.C.